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One of my favorite activities to do is to listen and watch TED talks on my iPad through the TED app. What an awesome way to share knowledge and insights. People have the most fascinating things to say. I love listening to these speeches.

Actually, going off on a tangent here but I joined Toastmasters at work and one of the reasons I have really enjoyed the group is because I have gotten to hear so many stories that I normally would not get to hear about my co-workers. Believe it or not I actually enjoy getting to know the people I work with! But anyhow, I will perhaps talk about my experiences with Toastmaster in another post. I like listening to people talk about topics that they are passionate about.

So back on the topic of TED talks, their repertoire of interesting speeches is amazing. So much to stimulate your brain. I love it (remember how much I love to learn?).

Tonight I watched the TED talk by Simon Sinek about “How great leaders inspire action”. Here is a link to the video and also to a written synopsis (if you would rather read it than listen to it). This was actually recorded in May 2010 so I am surprised I stumbled upon this tonight. I was doing a search on my TED app looking for another talk when I found this pop up in my search results.

I have always found the “law of diffusion of innovation” to be an interesting concept. I recall reading this in Malcolm Gladwell’s book “The Tipping Point”. I also always considered myself to be one of the innovators or early adopters but perhaps I am in reality closer to tail end of the early adopters group. Being a person that is into technology makes me want to try new products all the time. But I only want to try the products that I believe are good. The crappy ones I can forgo and have no desire to waste my time on them. With the good products I will promote and evangelize about them.

Anyhow, great speech.

I have also been talking a lot today (work lunches, meetings, interviewing people, etc.). Many good conversations about motivation and leadership. I really thrive on being around people. So it just seems very suiting that I coincidently found this TED talk tonight.



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